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Audio Adapters

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BlackBerry Music GatewayBlackBerry Music Gateway
Wirelessly play the music on your BlackBerry through your home stereo or car stereo using the BlackBerry Music Gateway.
CAD 44.95  $49.99Score 4.7/5Score 4.7/5Score 4.7/5Score 4.7/5Score 4.7/5 (61)In StockAdd BlackBerry Music Gateway to Cart
DLO Headphone Splitter Y-adapter (WXDLO-HEADPHN-SPLTTR)74%DLO Headphone Splitter Y-adapter (WXDLO-HEADPHN-SPLTTR)
The DLO Headphone Splitter lets you connect two stereo headphones into a single mini-stereo jack on most BlackBerry. With the splitter, you and your friend can listen to music at the same time.
CAD 3.95  $14.95'Not yet rated.'In StockAdd DLO Headphone Splitter Y-adapter (WXDLO-HEADPHN-SPLTTR) to Cart
Griffin Technology Headphone Splitter60%Griffin Technology Headphone Splitter
Griffin HeadPhone Splitter Cable allowing 2 headphones to connect to a single device.
CAD 7.99  $19.99'Not yet rated.'In StockAdd Griffin Technology Headphone Splitter to Cart
DLO Y-Adapter CableDLO Y-Adapter Cable
Connect and play your BlackBerry through your home stereo.
CAD 5.99  $14.99'Not yet rated.'In StockAdd DLO Y-Adapter Cable to Cart
NoiseHush AS12 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable35%NoiseHush AS12 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable
The NoiseHush AS12 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable allows a direct connection between your mobile/smartphone, MP3 and DVD players to any car or home stereo equipped with a 3.5mm port input.
CAD 12.95  $19.99'Not yet rated.'Out of StockAdd NoiseHush AS12 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable to Cart
HTC Audio Cable AC A320 for Touch DiamondHTC Audio Cable AC A320 for Touch Diamond
The HTC Audio Cable AC A320 enables you to connect your device to your compatible Hi-Fi or speaker system with a 3.5mm port.
CAD 19.95  $19.95Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5 (3)In StockAdd HTC Audio Cable AC A320 for Touch Diamond to Cart

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