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BlackBerry Flip Shell (Black) for Z30

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BlackBerry Flip Shell (Black)
CAD 34.99

Part# A15450
Mnf# ACC-57201-001
3 In Stock
BlackBerry Flip Shell (Black) White
CAD 28.99
Part# A15449
Mnf# ACC-57201-002
1 In Stock
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BlackBerry Z30 BlackBerry Flip Shell (Black)

Product Description

The BlackBerry OEM Flip Case will keep you moving with reliable front and back protection, visible message notifications and automatic power-saving technology. Its custom design fully integrates with your BlackBerry Z30 smartphone in the thinnest profile possible that supports fast single handed use of your BlackBerry Z30.


  • Genuine leather
  • Automatic power-saving
  • Replaces back cover
  • Keep talking with case closed
  • NFC Friendly

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17% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
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22% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Best case Ive tried
User: Rick Z, Dec 22, 2013
I have a box full of cases and sleeves - Ive tried them all for the Z10 I used to have - and the one Ive settled on for my Z30 is this flip case. One really nice feature (that the flip case for the Z10 didnt have) is that there are cut outs in the front cover for the speaker at the top and the microphone at the bottom, so you can close it after either making or answering a call and you dont have to fold the cover back or hold it open to talk. I dont know how anybody could get a badly made one, since every Blackberry product Ive ever had or seen are always first rate. The build of this case is excellent, and the way it incorporates a complete new back on the phone makes it look great. On mine the incoming call lens lines up perfectly with the led. The only possible fault I could see someone having is that it doesnt offer complete protection of the edges of the phone, although I just slip it into a protective cover in my pocket. Anybody who wants their phone encased in a plastic box probably shouldnt get this case.
Star Star Star Star Star OOPSIE- LED is NOT mis-alligned
User: Jim W, Nov 7, 2013
Pros: LED shows through a lens in the case when its closed. GREAT!
Cons: Can be stiff (its leather, not plastic) so does not fold down flat when closed but it gets better
OOPS. Thought that the LED was not lined up with the lens that is built into the case, but I mistook the camera for the LED (which is hard to see when not flashing. Lines up fine, flashing show through the lens, all good.
Star Star Star Star Star Great case
User: Justo 0, May 22, 2015
Pros: Looks and feels premium, well constructed
Cons: Be careful when removing, power button can get stuck
Crackberry had the best price/deal for this item at 2 for 1, and when I received it I was not disappointed. This had the premium look and feel, as well as the quality I expect from OEM BB accessories. I was really impressed with it.

Sadly there are some negatives though

- Once you put it on, it can be slightly tough to take off so wait to put it on after you have fully configured the device

- Do not use anything longer than a few mm to pry it off as you risk removing the dust covers over the interior bottom speakers. Theyre only pieces of cloth glued on. It does not come off as naturally as the regular backing. This speaks more towards the design of the phone and can be said about all backs for this device

- When trying to take it off or if it is not placed well, I can see how the power button will get stuck. It happened to me, but was easily fixed with some light sanding on the interior. You dont notice at all.


- Its all premium, well crafted and looks much nicer than most cases

- 2 for 1 deal on Crackberry destroys all other deals I could find

- Great generally protection from scratches

- Really solid, seamless fit, you dont even notice that the plastic parts. This might change if it gets scuffed, but then I have a second one for later on.

All in all I am happy with this purchase
Star Star Star Star Star If it drops, it will crack.
User: Stella M, Jun 28, 2016
Pros: Convenient
Cons: Convenience at a cost.
Dropped my phone the first month I got it. The flip cover opened up as the phone fell which in turn exposed the screen to the hard ground. The screen cracked. Luckily it didnt effect the operation but each day I have to stare at the crack. Also, the white colour does not stay white for long and the colour fades at the edges. The inner felt lining also stains easily. Buyer beware.!
Star Star Star Star Star Good but not great
User: Stella B, Dec 28, 2015
Pros: easy to open
Cons: easy to open therefore screen may break when dropped
Had my phone a couple months and bought this flip shell in white. I dropped it onto a tiled floor and of course with my luck the light weight cover flipped open and the screen cracked. I didnt have it replaced as it didnt interfere with any other operation but one year on it has been very annoying to see that crack. Also the white cover has worn off in parts and discoloured after 1 year of use. Avoid this case if you want a fool proof cover to prevent damage when dropped.
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