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BlackBerry Flip Shell Case

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List Price: CAD 39.99
Price: CAD 12.95
You Save:  CAD 27.04 (68% Off)
BlackBerry Flip Shell Case + Nite Ize Wide Sport Case (Black) w/ Extra Large Belt Clip (TSCW-03-01) for BlackBerry Q10 / Sony Xperia E1
BlackBerry Q10 Flip CoverNite Ize Rugged Holster w/ Extra Large Clip

CAD 32.90
60 Day Money-Back
BlackBerry BlackBerry Flip Shell Case

Product Description

The BlackBerry Flip Shell case offers full protection around most BlackBerry in a durable, lightweight shell made from hand-crafted, genuine leather.

The front of the case flips down, exposing the screen and keyboard of most BlackBerry. The message notification light is visible through the front flap so you always know when to check your phone, even while it's being protected.

There's complete access to all the functions of your device including the camera, ports and buttons. The OEM Flip Shell is a great choice for a professional looking case for most BlackBerry.


  • OEM BlackBerry case
  • Flips down
  • Full protection, front and back
  • Message notification light visible
  • Durable, lightweight
  • Hand-crafted genuine leather
  • Access to camera, ports and buttons

User Ratings & Opinions

Avg. Rating
Score 3.9Score 3.9Score 3.9Score 3.9Score 3.9
10 total ratings
(5 reviews)
50% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 51
20% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
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0% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Fantastic case. Period.
User: Tracy K, Dec 3, 2013
Pros: Sturdy, looks great
Cons: -
This is a great case in every way. I decided on this case so I didnt have to put on a screen protector. I thought I would be annoyed that it opened from the top, but it is a great thing! When I am typing there is no case in my way at all. Thank you BB for putting out another great, quality product. I love my Q10 and feel better knowing it is fully protected.
Star Star Star Star Star Perfection!
User: Kevin K, May 8, 2013
Pros: High quality, secure closure, Led lens, no wiggle of flip closure when closed, power saving, bright shiney flying BlackBerries, flip folds flat under open phone case
Cons: None that I find.
I really like my Z10 flip case, but wish it shared all of this cases pros. I made my own LED port hole in my Z10 case.
Star Star Star Star Star Great case and cover
User: Ross M, Sep 23, 2014
Pros: Looks, durable, protection
Cons: Top clip.
This is a great case overall. Its durable and looks very nice and professional. Only downside is that the clip does not hold the cover very well anymore. It got loose overtime and its rather disappointing. Overall I would give this case a BUY. Long Live BlackBerry!
Star Star Star Star Star Great Q10 case
User: Kent H, Dec 2, 2013
Pros: Battery life, LED window, screen protection
Cons: Clip can be damaged
Offers increased battery life as the Q10 quickly goes to sleep/wakes up with the cover. Looks good and protects the phone and screen very well - no screen film is necessary. The cover doesnt tend to get in the way when typing. A weakness is that the clip can be over-extended and then the cover becomes loose. I damaged mine when jumping off a truck with the phone jammed in my pocket. I glued a quarter-round of plastic on the inside of the clip, and its fine, but the clip design could be improved. Overall, though, high marks.
Star Star Star Star Star disappointing quality
User: Amy G, Jun 17, 2014
Pros: -
Cons: clasp breaks easily
The clasp on this case broke just past the 60-day warranty period. Somehow, the magnetic is strong enough to pick up a metal coaster, but not to keep the case closed without the clasp. Incredibly disappointed.

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