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iOttie Universal Bike Mount (HLBKIO101)43%iOttie Universal Bike Mount (HLBKIO101)
iOttie One-Touch bike mount is designed with functionality as the main focus. It is easy to use with one touch operation system. With just one finger motion, the device can be mounted and removed with ease. Rather your phone has a skin or a case on, big or small; with a band strap design for additional security, it will hold your phone in place.
CAD 19.95  $34.95'Not yet rated.'In StockAdd iOttie Universal Bike Mount (HLBKIO101) to Cart
iGrip Universal Headrest Tablet KitiGrip Universal Headrest Tablet Kit
The iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit is a safe and secure mounting solution for tablets inside your vehicle.
CAD 39.95  $49.95'Not yet rated.'In StockAdd iGrip Universal Headrest Tablet Kit to Cart
Samsung OEM Vehicle Dock (Car Charger Included!)Samsung OEM Vehicle Dock (Car Charger Included!)
For those on the go, mount your BlackBerry in your car with this premium universal Vehicle Dock. This unit includes a Samsung Car Charger.
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CAD 59.95Score 4.4/5Score 4.4/5Score 4.4/5Score 4.4/5Score 4.4/5 (14)In StockAdd Samsung OEM Vehicle Dock (Car Charger Included!) to Cart
iOttie Universal Car Mount (HLCRIO102)43%iOttie Universal Car Mount (HLCRIO102)
The iOttie One-Touch Windshield Dashboard Car Mount's main focus is functionality. Its simple one-touch system allows for the mounting and releasing of the device with only the push of one finger. Thanks to its super strong extra-large suction cup, the One-Touch Car Mount sticks securely to most smooth flat surfaces, yet is still easily removable.
CAD 19.99  $34.95Score 3/5Score 3/5Score 3/5Score 3/5Score 3/5 (2)In StockAdd iOttie Universal Car Mount (HLCRIO102) to Cart
iOttie Easy Car Desk Mount (HLCRIO107)iOttie Easy Car Desk Mount (HLCRIO107)
Mounts aren’t just for easy device viewing in the car anymore. Set up the Easy Smart Tap iPad Car & Desk Mount for tablets in your home as a simple viewing stand. Its sticky gel pad attaches securely to desks and counters to watch movies, follow recipes, and video chat handsfree on your tablet. Because of its one touch functionality, merely a light press of the tablet into the mount provides a secure grip for your device as you begin your chosen activity. Get protected. Get going!
CAD 39.95  $49.99'Not yet rated.'Out of StockAdd iOttie Easy Car Desk Mount (HLCRIO107) to Cart

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