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BlackBerry Leather Smart Flip Case (Black) (ACC-62173-001) for Priv Unlocked, Priv US, Priv CA (Clearance)

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BlackBerry Leather Smart Flip Case (Black) (ACC-62173-001) for Priv Unlocked, Priv US, Priv CA (Clearance) User Reviews

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Star Star Star Star Star Perfect case
User: Andrew S, Jul 16, 2016
Pros: Fits perfectly
Cons: Expensive
I have never purchased an OEM case, I always go with leather from someone like Sena or Tetded, Snugg, etc. but when I got my Priv from work, they also gave me this case. I was reluctant to use it but I have to say that I agree with the other reviews here that the window is what makes this case. From seeing the time, to the notification icons, to being able to swipe up to view more info and then the auto sleep function make this the ideal case. I havent looked at others at all, so cant compare but if I were to buy a Priv for myself, I would get this case again. Great job, BB!
Star Star Star Star Star Magic Case
User: M A, Jun 2, 2016
Pros: See below
Cons: None yet
I bought this case after reading a number of reviews, I am sure glad I did!

The magic to this case is the small front window display, when you flip it closed it magically transforms the device. From this window you can see notification, scroll though you notifications, read your notifications, see all upper icons, clock, date, answer the phone, hang up the phone, call screen, see whos calling and check remaining battery!

This is the only case that Im aware of that actually improves your phones capabilities. You just double tap the small window to check all of the above without powering your entire display. Thats right when your using the small display the part of the display thats covered by the flip is entirely off, great way to save battery power!

I wont even get into how great it feels in my hand lets just say high end.

Buy and enjoy.
Star Star Star Star Star Great for Priv
User: Marie M, Mar 20, 2016
This is fantastic! I love every spec of it combined with the Priv. It keeps clock centred in the cut out window, lets you see notifications etc..makes holding the phone more comfy in your hand as well. I recommend this for sure for the person who likes the feel of comfort when holding their phone.
Star Star Star Star Star Fantastic!
User: Jennifer C, Dec 17, 2015
I got the hard shell case upon getting my Priv the first day of release. Coming from a Curve 9300, I was petrified that I needed a hard case because this is a hefty investment (when you purchase outright).

I wanted a case I could grip more. As a smaller framed lady, the phone already is twice the size of my hand and sometimes I dont feel I have a good hold on the phone when walking to Timmies or around the office. So I opted to purchase this, and BOY OH BOY it is fantastic.

I love the feel of this leather, its soft, yet I have grip and fell like I am protecting the screen of the phone a little bit more then the hardcase.

The viewing window is WONDERFUL. I didnt think it would be a big life changing thing, but it really is. The Clock resizes and looks so fresh in that little square. My LED notification light does line up, after closing the phone and putting it face down on my desk for a few hours like the review below suggested.

The camera cut out is fantastic and plastic lined, framing the lens perfectly. The case portion that snaps around the phone is incredibly secure and a tight fit. Its clean lines look like the phone is sitting on top of the case and not attached.

Keyboard still slides beautifully and it fits both opened and closed on the charging cradle like a glove and looks really sharp!

Thanks Crackberry Shop :)
Star Star Star Star Star Great Case
User: Dave P, Nov 13, 2015
Contrary to the other review, this case works great, and the led is clearly visible on mine. Being leather, and brand new, you may just have to shift the front around slightly and then leave it face down for a few hours for the first day or so to work it in. Excellent build quality, and protects all the way around when closed. Only the bottom of the phone is exposed, which allows you to leave the case on while charging with the bb cradle, without removing the case. That also applies to the hard shell case for the Priv too.
Star Star Star Star Star Yes, the case blocks the camera
User: Roy M, Apr 20, 2016
Pros: Great look and feel and function
Cons: The window in the front half blocks the camera when open
Overall happy. Thin, light ,stylish case. Viewing window and magnetic screensaver activation very convenient. The PRIV is great, but the case window half obscures the camera lens when folded back, so you have to take pictures like you are reading a novel or something with the cover flopping in the breeze. I fixed it with a 5/8 leather punch and dog-housed the window, but most people dont want a $60 fixer-upper. Still looks nice even now. Shame the window wasnt 5mm higher.
Star Star Star Star Star Question
User: Mike K, Nov 27, 2015
When flipped open, does the case block the camera?
Star Star Star Star Star Rip off
User: C J, Dec 21, 2015
Pros: cover is leather
Cons: no padding, cheap leather
For the Passport, if you buy the official leather case, you get soft lining for the back of the case so that it doesnt scratch your phone, the leather is rich and thick on the exterior, and your phone has a modicum of protection.

For THIS, I paid just as much (and it would have been more, without a sale), and there is nothing soft to protect the back of your phone, the shell itself barely seems to hold the phone, and the leather is just cheap and thin. I am so disappointed, it cost me so much money, I eagerly anticipated its arrival, and I feel like I just threw away my money for nothing.
Star Star Star Star Star Priv smart flip case camera block
User: frank s, Dec 9, 2015
Pros: good quality
Cons: when flipped open the camera gets blocked
I really like the case, but when you use it in a practical application, you flip the cover. You cant keep the flap open and do anything practical with it. Saying that, when you flip it open to take a picture, the box opening blocks the camera. So instead, you must take a picture with the flap fully open. Not practical at all
Star Star Star Star Star Case is nice but one critical flaw worth returning
User: Shawn G, Nov 10, 2015
Pros: Nice OEM quality and leather
Cons: Could damage phone and light not visible when flap closed
Really was hoping to like the case but as soon as I got my Priv and attached it to the case, you CANT SEE THE NOTIFICATION LIGHT! Its like the case was made for a thicker phone so the area for the light on the front flap goes too much over to the right. That is a deal breaker for me and will return the case.

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