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BlackBerry Sync Pod W/1.2m USB Cable (ACC-62175-001)

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List Price: CAD 49.99
Price: CAD 29.99
You Save:  CAD 20.00 (40% Off)
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BlackBerry BlackBerry Sync Pod W/1.2m USB Cable (ACC-62175-001)

Product Description

Solid, sleek and minimal, the dock conveniently and securely displays the device at an ergonomic upright angle for desktop or bedside surfaces. The BlackBerry® Priv™ Sync Pod delivers multi-purpose functionality and includes a USB charging cable, plus the ability to easily transfer data between your BlackBerry® Priv™ and PC. Ideal for the home, office or travel. Add a Slimport video adapter and connect to large monitors or TV's.

  • Compatible with official BlackBerry® Priv Slide Out Hard Shell Cases
  • Ultra-portable 
  • Designed for optimal viewing 
  • Includes a USB charging cable 


Please Note: BlackBerry® Priv Slide Out Hard Shell Cases not included

User Ratings & Opinions

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6 total ratings
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Star Star Star Star Star Sleek, Clean and Wonderful
User: Jennifer C, Dec 17, 2015
Pros: Weight, Size, Design
Cons: -
I was hesitant to purchase this, as I am coming from a Curve 9300 directly to the PRIV I did not understand the use of this cradle until I kept on loosing the phone on my desk.

I have the hard shell case and the leather flip case and they both fit wonderfully in this cradle.

The weight of the cradle allows easy one hand removal of the phone, great for when you are running out to a meeting. Its sleek and small design also allows to fit in small areas without taking up any desk space. I have it fitting under my monitor and fits in my little desk organizer drawer on my monitor stand.

The viewing angle is ideal to see whos calling before you grab the phone, or read a text. Great to ignore those calls when you are busy writing a report, you can easily glance and return to the task at hand without disruption.

It already has captured my heart in a few hours on how useful it is.
Thank you Crackberry Shop :)
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent design
User: Dave P, Nov 13, 2015
This sleek little cradle has taken several of the lessons learned with their other cradles, and given us the ideal product. While small, it has a decent heft to it, preventing a cable from draging it around on your desk, and allowing the easy removal of the Priv without having to use a second hand to hold it down.

The phone is held at a nice slope for easy viewing, and keeps the phones center of gravity over the charger. Since it takes a standard microUSB cable changes are simple, and as noted should work with the usb/display adapters tho I havent tried that yet.

While it is compatible with the hard shell, it should be noted that it works with the leather flip too. The most important thing is that there is a support tab, behind the usb connector, that can be reversed to allow for with or without charging. This is much better thought out than the (admittedly unreleased to the public) Z10 charging dock, which i also own. This (may) allow charging in 3rd party cases, but I dont have a way to verify that. You can see the product design evolution at work here along with BBs usual rock solid build quality
Star Star Star Star Star Works Great with my Priv Hardshell!
User: John M, Dec 13, 2016
Pros: Sleek, practical
Cons: None
I have a Priv with the BB Hardshell and it works great. One of the few cradles that works with the phone and case, at least with the hard shell it does.
Star Star Star Star Star Does noy charge quite right
User: Nick S, Feb 11, 2016
After docking my Priv over night it never actually gets to 100. Very dissapointed. No wonder they were half price.
Star Star Star Star Star meh
User: Jeff C, Sep 7, 2016
Pros: looks nice
Cons: doesnt work with the case on
slow to charge and doesnt work with the case on, despite the adaptor.

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