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eScreen Flat Panel Cleaner (Clearance)

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List Price: CAD 19.99
Price: CAD 5.00
You Save:  CAD 14.99 (75% Off)
60 Day Money-Back
BlackBerry eScreen Flat Panel Cleaner

Product Description

Note: Not eligible for promotions, already on clearance

Your devices display may gather many different films and types of debris on their surfaces after just one day’s use.  Typical films from the atmosphere, heating and cooling systems and smoke can leave the screen surface dull and faded.  Dirt, debris, fingerprints and other bio- contaminants can also make an expensive viewing surface repulsive and harbor germs.

eScreen is a spray cleaner and microfiber cloth cleaning system developed specifically to solve cleaning issues that consumers have complained about since the advent of the first flat screen projection TV and now has followed them into the 21st century with the newest video, computer and communication appliances.


  • Non-Streak
  • Non-Drip
  • Safe for your device
  • Comes with Spray bottle and microfiber cloth

Please Note: eScreen does not contain silicone, ammonia or alcohol so it is safe to use on any display and will not cause yellowing, fading or make scratches more apparent.

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