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Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Retractable Sync & Charge Cable (Clearance)

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List Price: CAD 19.95
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SPE Micro USB Sync & Charge Cable + BlackBerry USB Power Plug
Retractable S&C CableBlackBerry Power Plug

CAD 17.94
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BlackBerry Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Retractable Sync & Charge Cable

Product Description

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Reduce cable clutter with this innovative micro USB retractable Sync & Charge cable. Unlike the cable that comes with the BlackBerry, this cable can both Sync & Charge your device over a USB connection without the need for a wall charger.

The Sync & Charge cable is only 4.5 inches long when rolled up, yet it can be pulled out to more than two feet! It easily fits in any bag, purse, or briefcase, and is the perfect accessory when traveling.

Using our other Sync & Charge products, you can turn this cable into a car charger or a wall charger.

  • 2 ft. length for portability when expanded
  • Rolls up to help reduce cable clutter
  • No additional AC power required, uses power from your computer's USB port

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User: Real G, Sep 16, 2014
Pros: Compact, quick to pack away.
Cons: Thin wires require delicate handling
I bought one of these from Radio Shack (branded differently but looks like the same product). Its very convenient to roll up and put away in my bag, and similarly easy to find in my bag and unwind (or charge without unwinding it, without having cable all over your desk).

The downside is that it needs a thin cable in order to be retractable, and the one that I bought has started to separate from the USB A end of the cable, and its only a matter of time before the exposed wires short out. This is inevitable for a product that requires you to tug on the cable in order to use it. But it has lasted about a year with near daily use and crammed into a bag, so for twelve bucks Im game to buy another.

To respond to Martis comment, the image and title make it very clear that this is only a USB cable. The text in the description is perhaps a bit deceiving because it says that you can charge without a wall charger. This is true, but you do need a computer or something with a USB port on the end of it. Im not sure how Marti expected to charge his device without plugging it in to a USB port!

I use it with the wall charger that came with my phone, and occasionally with a computer, and it works great. It takes a fraction of a second to unwind and wind, and you dont need zip ties, velcro straps, or elastic bands to pack it away.

- RG

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